Wooden Flooring

Real wood, hard wood or wooden flooring, as it is also known, is the finest flooring solution.

Unlike laminate flooring, real wood flooring not only looks authentic, it is authentic, and the reward for this is more than just superficial.

Real wood flooring not only gives you a floor covering that looks the part, it also gives genuine character and warmth to a room and adds value to your home. Prestive Floor Studio deal primarily with Kahrs and Ted Todd flooring, please click one of the images below for further information or contact us for a quotation.

dilegno flooring altrincham

dilegno flooring

Junckers Flooring Altrincham

Junckers Flooring

Khars Flooring

Kährs Flooring

Panaget Flooring Altrincham

Panaget Flooring

Ted Todd Wooden Flooring

Ted Todd Flooring

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